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Found: Black rucksack containing food and jewellery in United Kingdom


Date : 27/09/2019
Property Lost: Black rucksack containing food and jewellery
Lost Place: On the Airplane
Lost Country: United Kingdom
Lost Airlines: EasyJet
Flight Number: EZY2134
Lost Date: Sep 26,2019
Lost Time: 17:30:00
Location Details: Crew member took bag and placed in overhead department in paphos Cyprus
Additional Information: My elderly parents were on board one of your flights today, Flight EZY2134, booking ref EXLQH8F, they had two pieces of hand luggage with them on board the flight. Unfortunately there was no room ontop of where they were seated to place their luggage and a member of crew offered their assistance by placing the luggage in two seperate areas further away from where they were sat.When the plane landed another member of crew offered to help to retrieve the two pieces of luggage, one was a suitcase and the other a black rucksack. However having just returned home my mother has noticed that the black rucksack is not in fact theirs. We have found a pack of tablets in the bag in the name of Mr Pasquale Pelosi. The rucksack is pretty much identical to their own. Which obviously means that either the other person has ours or it has been left on board.Could you please advise us if our bag has been found It is a black rucksack and contains food and some jewellery. And how we can return Mr Pelosis to him.

Refer to the when contacting you to get it back so that the other person can imagine it



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