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Found: huawei p10 phone in United Arab Emirates


Date : 27/09/2019
Property Lost: huawei p10 phone
Lost Place: Airline Terminal/Gate
Lost Country: United Arab Emirates
Lost Airlines: Etihad Airways
Flight Number: EY454
Lost Date: Feb 14,2019
Lost Time: 21:30:00
Location Details: I was in the waiting area near the gates where EY454 to Sydney had to depart.
Additional Information: Hello, On 14 February 2019 while waiting for my flight to Sydney in Abu Dhabi airport I lost my mobile phone Huawei P10. I was in the waiting area near the gates where EY454 to Sydney had to depart.Once I discovered the loss I contacted the Etihad staff on board and they managed to contact the airport staff, who confirmed that the phone was found and I would be able to pick it up on my return, when coming back from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.The mobile phone description: Huawei P10, in a black flip case, inside the case in the left side pocket there is a small paper piece with hand-written telephone number. I can confirm the ownership by knowing all telephone pin codes, set face recognition, pairing to other devices watch, as well as the phone gallery has got many photos and videos of myself and my family.I would very much appreciate, if you could let me know is it possible to return my phone. Now I am in Latvia.I am very grateful to Abu Dhabi airport companys staff for the care about the passengers and quick and effective search. Thanks again for your assistance with this matter.Kind Regards,Romans Kabosko

Refer to the when contacting you to get it back so that the other person can imagine it



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