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Found: Iphone 7 jet black,crack lower left Screen corner in United States of America


Date : 30/09/2019
Property Lost: Iphone 7 jet black,crack lower left Screen corner
Lost Place: On the Airplane
Lost Country: United States of America
Lost Airlines: Delta Air Lines
Flight Number: 1692
Lost Date: Sep 23,2019
Lost Time: 9:45:00
Location Details: I had my phone in a lateral pocket of my backpack. My backpack was stored in an overhead bin, a bit more to the front side of the airplane relative to my sit assignment 32F – this an upper bin on the right side of the airplane as you look to the front.
Additional Information: I realized that I didnt have my jet black Iphone 7 immediately as I exited the security gate and I wanted to call a lift. Unfortunately the lady at the security gate didnt let me back in to go and search for it and she seemed in a rush to dismiss my request. In the meantime I took out my laptop and searched for my phone. I could see that it was on the airplane. She said that she will let me know if the cleaning crew will find it and turn it over. After a while she informed that they havent found my phone. And she insisted that I would go and file a report at the Delta lost found office of the airport. Hopeless, I went there and showed them that my phone was still on the airplane. They told me there is nothing they can do and that they cant find it. There was nothing I could do but file an online report.. Even though I could tell exactly where my phone was. Next I tracked my phone while the plane was taking off back to Atlanta and from there to Salt Lake city. I kept updating the lost item report but still nothing. now its been a week and the Delta lost found recovery team keeps sent me two messages telling me the same thing: that they couldnt locate my phone yet and if they wont find it in the next two weeks they will close my claim. I dont want to believe the worst about these people that are working for Delta. I want to think that my phone is still on that airplane but no one bothers to search for it and return all those precious memories that I have on it to me. Its not even worth the steal: its an old model, it has a crack on left lower corner of the screen and multiple scratches on the screen. So its only valuable to me. It has a multicolor transparent desert dream theme case and it also has my German sim card inside of the case. If anyone find it please, let me know and I m even willing tp pay 50 reward just so I wont lose everything i have on this phone.

Refer to the when contacting you to get it back so that the other person can imagine it



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