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Lost: Ladies silver ring with large amber stone, size 9 in United Kingdom


Date : 26/08/2019
Property Lost: Ladies silver ring with large amber stone, size 9
Lost Place: Airport Bathrooms,On the Airplane
Lost Country: United Kingdom
Lost Airlines: Virgin Atlantic Airways
Flight Number: VS44
Lost Date: Nov 07,2018
Lost Time: 9:25:00
Location Details: I was wearing the ring shortly before landing at LHR. I heard something roll across the floor of the airplane but thought it was a piece of trash. This ring had never come off of my hand before. After landing I visited the ladies room and proceeded towards baggage claim. I then noticed the absence of my ring. I immediately went in search of an airport employee thinking it may have dropped off in the trash whilst in the bathroom. We returned to the same bathroom and searched the contents of the trash container with no luck. I thought at that time I may have taken the ring off to wash my hands but it was not there. Only recently, missing my ring, I thought of being on the plane and hearing something roll across the floor. The time between I last wore the ring and the time I noticed it missing was so short, as was the time I returned to the bathroom which was a bathroom that was empty when I used it.
Additional Information: My ring is a large oval silver ring with a large oval golden amber stone and silver work surrounding it. Chunky looking and beautiful.

Refer to the when contacting you to get it back so that the other person can imagine it



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