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Help I lost my phone / tips to help you find it back

Help I lost my phone / tips to help you find it back

So be sure to always make a backup of your phone.  It’way easier to reinstall your saved settings and saved data. But in the case of loosing you phone try to call it asap. Hopefully a good Samaritan found it and answers it by telling you he or she found it and is waiting for you to retrieve it. When you think it’s stolen, report it at the right authorities. This is required by most insurance companies to get refunded.

Below, we came up with some tips for you in case your Android phone or tablet is nowhere to be found. In case you lost your Iphone or Ipad, click here for tips.




You can basically do two at least three online actions to find your lost Android phone or Android tablet back. You can use Android Device Manager, you can call your Android phone via and you can use Google location history.



Android phone

Android device manager

First, you can use Android device manager to locate and notifiy your lost phone. However this requires some prior actions.

  • Your location access needs to be turned on
  • You must be signed in to your Google Account

Once you locate your device, you can remotely ring, lock, or erase it using Android Device Manager.

Use the Android Device Manager website or use another Android device with the Android Device Manager app to locate your lose device.  It’s also possible to use other Android wear, like your Android watch, to locate it.

Read more about Google support’s Android Device Manager

Notify your Android phone via

Second, you can locate or ring it by typing ‘find my phone’ in the Google searchbar. This function only works when your phone is linked to Google. For security reasons Google might ask you to sign in again before you’re phone will be located. It will locate your phone within an accurate position of 18 meters. Besides, your phone will be notified that it is located by someone using this functionality.

Find my phone via Google search



Use Google location history



As a third option, you can use your lcoation history within Google maps. Be sure to have linked your phone to Google, otherwise this option can’t be used.

Surf to Google Maps and find the menu in the top left corner. Click on it and search for ‘your timeline’.  After you clicked on it you can now set a day and time to see where your phone has been. So, maybe you can find the location where you know you had it with you for the last time before it went dead. You could have left it at your friend’s house the other day. Or, when somebody took ik and it’s still on, you can see where it is now.

It’s not a way to actively track your lost phone, but it gives you a clear indication of where it might be.



NY Google maps



Google maps timeline



2. Always use an ‘unlock code’



Even a 4 digit pincode is better then nothing so just do it. Even better would be to encrypted your phone so you can be sure that nobody is looking through your photos! This option is not for every phone but there will come more tips regarding this soon.

Do you have tips for us?

Did you ever lose your phone? If so where? And how did you get it back? Please feel free to post a comment about it below. We are eager to learn more about it in order to help each other.

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