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Help I lost my wallet / 7 tips to help you

Help I lost my wallet / 7 tips to help you

Not only do you loose actual cash, you probably also loose a lot of time looking for it, reporting it and trying to get it back. Based on experience we will provide you with some tips.

When you suspect your wallet is stolen, alert the police as soon as possible. When you actually lost your wallet it is useless to go to the police. Just so you know.

lost wallet on the street

1. Stay focussed

Don’t go into panic mode. Stay focussed. If you panic, it’s harder to concentrate on where you might have lost it. Your wallet could instead be misplaced. So focus and try to mentally walk back every step you took that day. If you can’t find it anywere it’s time to accept you lost it an take further action.

2. Ask Around

Okay you’re focussed now. Be sure to quickly ask nearby shops, restaurants and offices if anybody left your wallet behind. Always remember to give a good description of your wallet and your contact details, so people can contact you.

3. Block your bank card(s)

At this point you are still not sure wheather you lost your wallet or if somebody stole your wallet. So the most secure thing to do is to call your bank immediately and block your card. If people are indeed intending to misusing your account, they simply won’t get the opportunity.

Every bank has a direct number which you can call in case your card is lost or stolen. It’s often also on the back of the card, but hey….how can you check that if you can’t find your bank card anywhere.

So we looked up some randon banks in America, People’s United bank, Metropolitan National bank, Community National bank and Bank of America.

Actually, why isn’t there a one click overview per country of all the webpages where you can instantly find the right number to report a lost bank card of stolen bank card.

4. Social Security Card

If your social security card happend to be in your lost wallet, you’ll need to get in contact with the Social Security Administration.  Click here to find your local Social Security Office nearby. Or check here how to get a new one when yours is lost or stolen.

5. Driver’s licence

Ahhh man, your drivers licence is gone as well. Make sure to report it and ask for a new one. You must contact the department of Motor Vehicels in your state. Find yours here.

6. Increase the odds

This is easier said than done. With increasing the odds we mean that you can put some extra effort in finding your wallet back. Search online for lost and found communities. Facebook might be a good place to start.

Next to that, make a simple post it note, with your contact information on it, and place it at the entrance of shops and restaurants in the vicinity where you lost your wallet. Be sure to first ask permission from the owner of the place.

7. Check your insurance package

You did everything you could do to get your lost wallet back. In the worst case you won’t get it back ever. So to prepare yourself for the worst it’s wise to check your insurance package. Sometimes you are insured against this or you can say you lost it on holiday, being a part of your travel insurance (hé you got to be creative). Do keep in mind, however, that insurance companies might ask for proof you went to the police first. Besides, they might ask for a receipt of the wallet you bought. On the bright side, you might get some money back. It’s worth a shot.

Do you have tips for us?

Did you ever loose your wallet? If so where? And how did you get it back? Please feel free to post a comment about it below. We are eager to learn more about it in order to help eachother.

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