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Lost and Found Dog Returns After 9 Years

Lost and Found Dog Returns After 9 Years


There are some stories that are so amazing and hard to believe that you wish they were caught on video – this is one of them. This lost and found dog story starts in Brisbane, Australia where a dog named Muffy went missing. Nine years later, she was found in Melbourne, which is 1,242 miles (2,000 km) away. For those not familiar with Australia’s geography, this about the same distance between Los Angeles to New Orleans.

There were several things that made this lost and found dog story possible. The story featured on The Daily Telegraph tells about how her owner Chloe Rushby was eight years old when her dog disappeared. Muffy had been implanted with a microchip that provided the necessary contact information including her name. Someone tipped off RSPA, which is a community-based charity that seeks to prevent animal cruelty. When they found Muffy she was skinny, had matted hair and was suffering from severe dermatitis caused by flea allergies. Sadly, the last two years had not been very good for Muffy as she had been confined to a filthy backyard. Hopefully, the previous seven years were much better and worthy of her having had a GoPro video camera throughout her trek to South Australia.

When I was about 12 years old, the dog my brother and I had been given for our birthday disappeared. For the next five years, we talked about her and wondered where she might be or if she was even still alive. So I can imagine what a shock and wonderful surprise it must have been for Chloe to find out nine years later that Muffy was not only alive, but was going to be returned to her. I have a feeling that the best days are ahead for them both!

Watch How Muffy the Lost and Found Dog Returns Home

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